Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The journey begins...

Actually, the journey has already begun. I just didn't realize it until last night.

My husband and I moved to town in late November. We didn't know anyone in town, so we were pretty much on our own for finding stuff to do. I was surfing around one day when I discovered The Cheap Theater -- the local discount theater, playing second-run movies (the ones that aren't brand-new but usually aren't out on DVD yet, either) for dirt cheap. I was in heaven.

After our first visit to The Cheap Theater (which just happened to be close to our house), Paul and I decided to make it a regular event. Tuesday night is Cheap Night at The Cheap Theater, so we decided that we'd have Date Night at The Cheap Theater every Tuesday night. And we've been doing it ever since. Every Tuesday, we battle the crowds -- all, like us, in search of dirt-cheap entertainment -- and take our seats in the theater to watch a not-so-new movie. And each Tuesday, I learn a little something more about the people who are seated around me. Thus, the blog. From here on out, I'll share my experiences at the cheap theater with you, my dear reader. I'll talk about the movies, but I'll mostly talk about the people who watched the movie with me. Believe me. Every Tuesday is an adventure at The Cheap Theater...


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