Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Brothers Grimm (14Nov05)

This week, we had a last-minute change of plans. Paul found out on Monday afternoon that he was scheduled to attend Very Important Meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday -- and that included dinner on Tuesday (which, I know from experience, means I shouldn't expect him before 10).

"So I'm on my own for movie night?" I asked as soon as I was informed of the new plans. I didn't mind that he wouldn't be home for dinner -- and I'd inevitably end up eating a meal consisting mostly of Doritos. But Cheap Night is sacred. It can't be missed.

I headed straight for the Cheap Theater web site to see if there were any movies I'd like to see by myself. But, I was disappointed to discover, the selection wasn't all that impressive, unless I wanted to rewatch something, just for the heck of it.

"Maybe we could go tonight," Paul suggested. But I had plans until 6 or maybe 6:30, meaning that I'd have to hurry home, he'd have to have dinner ready when I got there, and we'd have to eat fast if we wanted to make it there in time for the opening credits. The idea didn't sound all that appealing to either of us, so we left it at, "We'll see what happens."

By the time I got home, I wasn't really thinking about catching a movie anymore. It had been another long Monday. But everything just came together. By the time we finished eating, we still had time to possibly catch a movie. So while I cleaned up the dishes, Paul looked up showtimes, and we found that there was one possibly-interesting movie that wasn't playing until 7:25. So we agreed on The Brothers Grimm. We had just enough time to make it, so we rushed out the door and headed for The Cheap Theater.

It was a cold, rainy night -- and it was Monday, which meant a hefty $1.50 a ticket -- so I didn't expect the theater to be busy. And I was right. We had no problem finding a decent parking spot, which was nice, since it meant that we weren't drenched by the time we got inside.

When we entered the lobby, we stepped into a new and unfamiliar world. The staff had gone formal, wearing fancy uniforms to sell tickets and scoop greasy popcorn into giant tubs. It just didn't feel right.

But things got even weirder.

Next, we walked up to the ticket-ripper. First of all, our ticket-ripper was female -- something I'd never before encountered. And if that weren't unusual enough, she was also wearing a spiffy suit with a shiny bronze nametag that, identified her as Ms. Something -- instead of just Becky or Jenni. Instead of taking our tickets, ripping them in half, and pointing while directing us, "down there, on the left," Ms. Whoever stiffly yet politely asked how we were doing. Then she delicately ripped our ticket while telling us, "This will be down this hall and on your left." I think she may have even told us to enjoy our movie. It was just plain weird -- and bordering on creepy.

I walked down the hallway feeling under-dressed in my jeans and stylish new Old Navy polo. I wondered if the theater owners had decided (sometime since last Tuesday) to drop the movie theater thing and give opera a shot instead.

"Do you think they're seriously trying to make The Cheap Theater classy?" I asked Paul skeptically. Perhaps the owners are trying something different on non-Cheap Nights. Perhaps they're looking to attract a classier, non-hooker-boot-wearing crowd. Or perhaps they're about to raise their prices. Whatever the case, I don't like it.

I didn't have much time to contemplate the ramifications of the new uniforms and the formal nametags, though. We walked in just in time to catch the previews.

The movie itself was...interesting -- ranging from The Princess Bride to Sleepy Hollow in a dark and often bizarre way. For the full review, keep visiting NightsAndWeekends.com.


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