Wednesday, February 22, 2006

We Interrupt This Week's Movie Night...

...for home improvement.

My parents were in town for the weekend -- and while Mom and I bonded at the mall(s), Dad and Paul bonded by cutting down trees and painting Paul's bathroom. Unfortunately, when they left on Monday night, the bathroom wasn't totally finished. So Paul, determined not to have to share a bathroom with me any longer, decided to do the unthinkable -- and postpone movie night. ARG!

To make matters even worse, we had to run a few errands before he could get back to work on the paint, and those errands involved driving past our beloved Cheap Theater. It was painful.

I know it's really strange, but it just felt wrong not to be at the theater on a Tuesday night. I kept feeling myself craving a good (or not-so-good, as the case occasionally may be) movie all night. I felt like something was totally missing. And I have a feeling that it's going to screw up the rest of my week. Paul promised that we could go on Thursday instead, but I just don't know if it'll be the same...

In somewhat Cheap-Theater-related news, however, we did manage to visit the new pizza buffet over the weekend. Yep, we took my parents. Are we great hosts, or what? To be honest, though, they were blown away. All four of us ate for $22 -- and we left happy. I dare say that this is the best pizza buffet in the area. The food was good (we all flipped for the cheeseburger pizza) and cheap, and the service was excellent. Dad was so impressed that he even tipped the busboy. And I was tempted to run up to the manager and give him a big hug. It was that good.

Either that, or they put crack in their pizza.

If a weekly dose of all-you-can-eat pizza weren't guaranteed to make me horrendously overweight, I'd go to the pizza buffet every Tuesday. Dinner and a movie for two for $12 -- you can't go wrong there.


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