Monday, July 23, 2007

Running Four or Five Steps Behind

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Yikes! Is it Monday already? I am so ridiculously behind this week—and the week has only just begun.

Despite the plethora of screenings last week (all five of them), much of it was rather uneventful. So I’ll skip ahead to the good stuff.

On Thursday morning, I had to get up at the crack of 6:30 to get my butt over to the studio. John and Clay have recently decided to move their recording time from a totally acceptable 2:00 to a completely preposterous 9:00. If you ask me, I think they’re testing my dedication. To make matters worse, I opened my big mouth about having music to go along with our review of Hairspray, so that changed the time to 8:30. But I think I proved myself—not only by agreeing, without hesitation, to fill in when Clay went on vacation, but also by actually showing up at that ridiculous time of the morning.

So I had to get up extra early, try to find myself something other than cereal for breakfast (after all, milk is horrible for the vocal chords—and the last thing I needed was to be extra-phlegmy on the air), and head out to the studio sans coffee. It’s a good thing I left early, though—because with all the construction and the rush-hour traffic, it took me nearly 40 minutes to get into the city (which, in the end, made me not 10 minutes early as planned but about 2 minutes late—sorry, John!). But at least I’d been listening to the Hairspray soundtrack all the way there, belting out the lyrics and getting funny looks in the process. So at least I was awake. We managed to crank out the show without too many glitches (and most of those that we did encounter most likely had something to do with my mouth not being fully awake—guess I needed to do a little more singing on my way). But we managed to have a whole lot of fun at the same time. The result is over at Feel free to check it out.

We finished at the station at around 10:15, and we headed right out to the theater for our Thursday morning screening of Talk to Me. We made it just in time to get ourselves coffee and a cookie and unwind a bit before it was time for the movie to start. No matter how tired I was though, I still had no problem paying attention. Don Cheadle is positively mesmerizing.

There had been some concern earlier in the week that we’d have to stick around on Thursday for two screenings—but, fortunately, Screening #2 was changed to Friday morning. So I got to head back to the office for a little while—not for long, though, since I had to screen Hot Rod at night. It was one crazy-ass day, and I couldn’t wait to get home and crash.

There was no sleeping in for me, though—because I had all kinds of catching up to do on Friday morning. Fortunately, the Hot Rod review was an easy one to write—and I was almost done by the time I headed out to see Becoming Jane on Friday morning. I made it to the theater on time and greeted the theater manager, who noted that we could probably all just move in, considering how often we’re there. Actually, I’m thinking about having my mail forwarded there. It makes sense, really. I could go through my mail while I’m waiting for the screening to begin, over my morning coffee. I’ll have to look into that…

So anyway, Becoming Jane was a Friday morning treat for me, since I was a female English major—and, thus, I have always been a huge Jane Austen fan. And then, if that weren’t enough of a treat for the day, after the screening, John and I headed downtown to partake of the Jazz and Ribs Festival.

Despite this being my third summer in Columbus, it was my first Jazz and Ribs Festival experience. During my first summer, I was working a part-time job—and I only found out about the festival while I was sitting at work on Saturday afternoon. I believe that was also the day that my husband spent in the emergency room. So there went that idea. And last summer, I was still in the early recovery stages after breaking a rib—and, well, I was much too drugged to appreciate ribs anyway. But John made sure I made it out this year—and it was really quite spectacular. We walked up and down, past all the huge booths, displaying dusty trophies and boasting of all their recognitions. We finally settled on Cowboys—John with his six ribs and me with a boneless rib sandwich, dripping in sauce. As we were standing there, waiting in line, though, we realized that Cowboys happened to be playing WCBE on their radio. So we decided to stick around and come back at 3:01, when we’d be on the air.

Those of you who have read about my Friday lunch adventures with my foodie pal, John, may be shocked to hear that I had him out there, eating ribs. To be honest, I was a bit amazed myself. But Jazz and Ribs is John’s favorite time of the year. And even John will partake of the piles and piles of saucy meat. He did, however, draw the line at the elephant ears that I suggested (Actually, when I mentioned it, he called me trash—so I figured I wouldn’t say anything about the deep-fried Twinkies. But I know that if Clay hadn’t been hiding away in some mountain retreat, that he would have been all over the deep-fried desserts with me.).

We made it back to Cowboys at about 2:55. The radio’s reception wasn’t the best, and John almost got himself pummeled by a very large man in a cowboy hat—so we decided we’d happily put up with a little static, in exchange for listening to our show in one piece. And then, after a few sleepy minutes of Garrison Keillor, it was time for “It’s Movie Time.” John and I were both quite impressed with ourselves, standing there in the middle of a huge crowd, listening to ourselves on the radio. Granted, we were the only ones paying attention to the show—except, perhaps, for the nice ladies at the lemonade stand, who seemed quite impressed to be in the company of such celebrity (though they didn’t ask for our autographs, strangely enough). But at least John and I were impressed. And, well, it’s a pretty cool feeling, listening to yourself on the radio in the middle of such a huge crowd (even if you're the only ones listening).

And with that, John and I wandered back, standing a little bit taller, our stride a tad more confident.

So now, here we are already—Monday night. I just barely made it to the screening this morning, after trying to get just one more thing done before leaving. And now I’m officially seven reviews behind. I suppose I should get back to work…

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