Friday, November 09, 2007

Writer on Strike

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Fred Claus
American Gangster I’m not really on strike. But it seemed like a good excuse, considering the circumstances.

The truth, however, is that I’ve spent more time at home this week, playing nurse, than I have going to screenings. Despite the fact that I make my husband promise that he’ll come home in one piece every time he plays hockey or heads to the mountain biking trails, he apparently forgot his promise over the weekend. While he was biking, he flipped his bike and broke his arm. After three days of visits to various urgent care facilities, doctors’ offices, and hospital labs, we were told that he needed surgery. And that, my friends, has been my week.

I did make it to two screenings, though. Fred Claus was Tuesday night. We had the pleasure of sitting behind the most obnoxious family I’ve ever encountered in a theater. There were two kids—probably ages 2 and 5. And their mom and grandparents saw absolutely no reason to try to get them to shut up. Or sit down. In fact, they thought it was cute. So they just talked right back.

Then, this morning, I got back to work for Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. Even though I only really missed a day of screenings, I felt like I’d been away forever—so it was wonderful to see everyone again. I kept my phone on vibrate, in case of any medical emergencies at home—but we made it through without incident. Then again, considering the movie, I actually wouldn’t have been too upset if I’d had to walk out.

I know it may sound just a little bit selfish of me, but I’m relieved that we got this whole surgery thing over with when we did. Since it was on Wednesday, it meant that I only missed two screenings on Thursday. Had the surgery been scheduled for next week, I would have had to miss so much more. Next week is a busy six-screening week. I’m sure I’ll have all kinds of stories by next Friday.

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