Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CIFF Report: Day 0

Okay, so I haven’t left for Cleveland yet, but today is still a big day. Today is Last-Minute Preparation Day. It’s the day to finish up some work while doing my final planning. For instance, I spent much of today looking for a new bag to take with me. You see, a bag is an important thing when you’re headed to a film festival. You need just the right bag to carry all the stuff you’ll need during the day. I, for example, need a bag that will carry my planner and my notebook, a bottle of water and some emergency snacks, my folder of festival info, my digital recorder (for interviews), my MP3 player, a book to read in my spare time, and some knitting to keep me busy while I’m waiting for the movies to begin. Yesterday, I realized that I didn’t own that bag — so I went all over town today to look for it. Alas, I didn’t find it. Really — how hard is it to find a decent messenger bag? Apparently, it’s impossible (unless, of course, you think ahead and order one online).

Then there’s the other stuff — the packing, the hotel confirmations, the checking and re-checking of directions and addresses, and, most importantly, the scheduling.

So here’s the plan for tomorrow:

The plan is to leave as early as possible (I’m going to say by 8:30 at the latest). That gets me to the hotel by 10:30ish to check in (if possible) or (more likely) drop off my bags. That’ll get me to the festival in time to wander around, pick up some more info (meaning: figure out where all the parties are taking place over the weekend), and catch my first movie at 11:45. Since I’m flying solo tomorrow, I’m planning on heading to five movies (believe me…that may sound like no big deal, but try it once and let me know what you think of that tunnel-vision feeling). Once my partner in crime (and radio) shows up on Friday, I’ll probably cut back to four. After all, John’s kinda old, and he needs to take his breaks and drink his martinis. And I have to make sure that he stays out of trouble.

Tomorrow’s schedule:

11:45: Travelling with Pets

2:15: The Art of Negative Thinking

4:15: Big Man Japan (or possibly Savior’s Square)

7:15: Roman de Gare

10:00: One Man in the Band

Somewhere in between all those movies, I’ll eat (I’m guessing McDonald’s). I’ll write down my notes. I’ll run to the other side of the mall to go to the bathroom. Maybe I’ll even run upstairs to the special VIP lounge and hang out with my fellow VIPs. Or maybe I’ll just hang in the food court with the rest of the riff-raff. And when it’s all over, I’ll go back to my room and crash. And somewhere between the end of that last movie and the beginning of my first movie at 11:30 on Friday morning, I’ll fill you all in on the day’s happenings.

If you happen to be at the film festival, keep your eyes peeled for me. I’m planning to bring some fun goodies to give away (that is, if I can find a bag that will accommodate them all).

Until then, as Clay always says, "See you at the movies!"



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