Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Be Cool (26April05)

After somehow managing to acquire a part-time job over the weekend (it happened so fast that even I'm not exactly sure how it happened), I was dying to hit The Cheap Theater on Tuesday. I was a little concerned, however, when Paul came home from work at 3, suffering from some pretty nasty allergies. I feared our movie night would be out of the question -- but after trading in his contacts for his glasses and taking some extra allergy medicine, he was ready to go. What a relief!

Our choices were limited this week. There were a few movies that we wanted to see, but most of them were really long. So we decided to see a shorter one instead (Be Cool). But there were a couple of concerns:

1) It's PG-13
2) This was its first week in the theater.

In other words, we were risking a theater full of loud-talking, seat-kicking idiots.

It was a dark, cold, rainy evening, which could go either way -- people would either decide that they couldn't be outside, so they might as well just go to a movie, or they'd just decide to stay warm and dry at home. It turned out to be the latter. Paul dropped me off by the door, and by the time he'd come back from parking the car, I had already bought the tickets and made my way inside.

The ticket-ripper directed us to a place we'd never been before. "All the way down, take a left," he told us, pointing down to the long, dark hallway at the far end of the building.

Is this movie that bad? I wondered to myself as we trudged into the deep, dark depths of the building.

Eventually, we found our theater, tucked back in the very front corner of the building. It wasn't one of the big ones -- and it wasn't very full. Then again, we had shown up early, expecting a first-week crowd. The left side of the aisle was filling up quickly, so we chose the right side. But as Paul led me down the aisle, he committed a ghastly movie theater faux pas -- he directed me to a seat immediately in front of two people who were already seated.

"Here?" I asked dubiously as he pointed out the seats. "Well...okay."

I hate it when people do that to me -- choose seats right in front of me when there are tons of other seats available. I prefer only to sit right in front of someone else if it's absolutely necessary. That way, the person behind me doesn't have to try to look over/around/through me, and I don't have to deal with his or her chatter/seat-kicking/sneezing. The same rule applies for public bathrooms. You never take the stall next to one that's already occupied -- unless it's absolutely necessary. I prefer to respect others' personal space.

Apparently miffed by our choice of seats, the two bodies behind us eventually moved down the row a few seats. I felt bad for a while -- but not for long.

Be Cool ended up being a college-student-heavy film. And since college students are notorious for always being a little behind schedule, the theater didn't fill up until after the movie had started -- but then it was close to packed.

As it turned out, it was a good thing that the people behind us chose to move -- because they also chose to talk loudly through the entire movie. In a language that I didn't recognize. And then they laughed hysterically at all the wrong times.

Just because they weren't speaking my language didn't mean I didn't hear them. In fact, it was worse. If they were speaking English, at least I'd know what they were talking about. But since I couldn't understand what they were saying, it made me all the more curious.

Fortunately, it was just the two of them. It could have been worse. They could have been joined by the woman on the other side of the theater -- the one who had the loudest laugh I've ever heard and who laughed loudly and heartily at everything. The movie was pretty funny at times, but it wasn't nearly that funny.

Our Tuesday night adventure may not have been our only movie outing this week. After all, we have two movies that we want to see that are over two hours -- and that's just too much of a time commitment for a Tuesday night. So we may check out the weekend scene this week...


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